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About Us

The Welcome Table Collaborative sources its origins from many special people and places.  Most centrally, it was born in Mississippi, a haunted and hallowed state, site of some of the most horrific racist violence in the nation's history.  But Mississippi was also the home of Mae Bertha Carter, C.C. Bryant, Medgar Evers, and Fannie Lou Hamer,  and others who both refused to accept white supremacy and who also built bridges across racial lines to create a beloved community.

The WTC was born as well in the stories of communities like McComb, Philadelphia, Sumner--places where community leaders have faced their troubled histories head on, through authentic stories that create genuine human connection, deeper than the programming that creates false hierarchies of human value. 

The organizations that are a part of the WTC all seek to foster healing and equity and use the power of story, the cultivation of empathy, the telling of hard truths, and the repair of harm in service to a better world.  We wed the latest in advancements in neuroscience, psychology and history with the deep and ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures who have shaped all of us. 

Together, we have created a bricolage of the most effective approaches and tested them in collaboration with community leaders from all walks of life, in professional organizations from a variety of sectors, with all age groups. Forged in those experiences, we have decades of collective practical knowledge about how theoretical and philosophical ideas actually work in local communities and in organizations across sectors.  Our "secret sauce," then are the leaders with whom we've worked,  who show us what is helpful and how to best serve them as they move forward.

Come join us!

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